Screened & Composted Top Soil

Multi-purpose top soil with ash and organic material for landscape and garden maintenance. This product is ideal for filling holes and as base material when adding volume or building the foundation of landscape beds and gardens.

  • Use for leveling and patching lawns or walkways
  • Use as a top dressing for seeding new lawns

Available in Bulk and 40 lb. Bags

Organic Planting Soil

Complete potting medium formulated with organic ingredients for optimum plant growth. 20% Compost, 65% Top Soil, 15% Soil Conditioner

  • Ready to use blend
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Encourages healthy plant growth

Available in Bulk

Mushroom Compost

All-natural organic soil builder which provides nutrients.

  • Retains soil moisture for healthier plants
  • Loosens and aerates heavy soils

Available in Bulk or 50 lb. Bags

River Sand

Sand dredged from a river bed. Used for top dressing grass and leveling yards. It can be blended with soils to build turf and help improve drainage. It is light brown in color due to the presence of organic material in the sand.

Available in Bulk

Potting Soil

Blend of natural, highly organic ingredients and is an ideal mix for most houseplants as it contains: Peat Humus, Perlite, Composted Forest Products and Mushroom Compost.

  • Used for lawn repair and flower beds
  • Great for planting trees, shrubs and vegetable gardens

Available in 40 lb. Bags

Organic Hummus

Organic compost made from bark fines, wood, manure and food products.

  • Natural fertilizer for optimum plant and lawn growth
  • Loosens and aerates heavy soils
  • Retains soil moisture for healthier plants

Available in 40 lb. bags

Composted Cow Manure

General purpose soil amendment conditioned for growing healthy plants and vegetables.

  • Natural fertilizer for optimum plant growth
  • Loosens and aerates heavy soils
  • Adds organic ingredients and nutrients to the soil

Available in 40lb bags

Landscaper’s Mix

Custom blend made from top soil, pine fines, sand and manure for gardening.

  • For gardens, flowers and plants
  • Good for building raised flowers and vegetable beds

Available in Bulk

Black Kow Composted Manure

Composted Cow Manure used for:

  • Flower and vegetable gardens
  • Great for planting shrubs, trees and lawns
  • Natural fertilizer for optimum plant growth

Available in 50 lb Bags

Fill Dirt

Ideal for filling holes, back filling behind walls, and leveling slopes. It is generally red Georgia clay.

Available in Bulk

Special Blends

We can mix any ratio of soils, compost or sand to suit your individual needs.

Available in Bulk